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Mom to 3 busy girls; technical writer and knowledge-base editor by day; hobby photographer and memory keeper — whenever I can squeeze it in.


Why I created this weblog:

I think it's because I feel compelled to record information. Evidence abounds. As a technical writer, I actually make a living documenting things -- and I like it! Two of my favourite hobbies, genealogy and scrapbooking, are all about recording the past and preserving memories. I also take a lot of photographs of my girls -- often doing very ordinary things -- because I don't want to forget any aspect of their babyhood and childhood. I want to remember every detail! And I know darn well that I won't remember every detail if I don't record it in some way.

My goal with this weblog is simply to record things -- everyday sorts of things -- about my life, our life as a family, what my children are doing, and how they're growing. I expect I'll be throwing in some other topics now and then to reflect what I'm thinking about and interested in at the moment. I don't expect this to be interesting to anyone but me, but if you want to read what I record here, feel free!

(Excerpt from April 13, 2004)


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